Monday, February 1, 2010

Paper Cuts Book Published! : )

The new Paper Cuts book is now available! : )

And, here are a few gorgeous photos from the book!

My project images are throughout the book, and I am so thrilled!

The work of the other artists are so beautifully detailed,

and I am humbled to be in their company.

The book also features the amazing work of, Barbara Buckingham, Karin Marlett Choi,
Holly Christian, Cynthia Emerlye, Cynthia Ferguson, Jennifer Khoshbin, Nicole Lombardo, Janine Maves, Tina Tarnoff, and Kathleen Trenchard.To see more, be sure to check out their sites/blogs linked to their names above.

I feel so very thankful
for this opportunity!
And, I feel so very thankful for your friendship, and support throughout
my wonderful paper cutting journey!: )


daysease said...

OH, LaDonna!! congratulations!! I am so excited for you!! I wish I could go pick it up right now and just pour my sight over each and every detail. What lovely, lovely work you have done!! sigh... It makes my heart glad.

I hope you do not mind... I have linked to you and mentioned (a couple photographs included)your new accomplishment over at my blog. Please go over and take a look. Let me know if it is okay.

slommler said...

Woohoo!! Congrats! The book looks fabulous and I have ordered it. Can't wait to hold it in my hands and enjoy all the work. Your work is so awesome...I am sure all the other artists are thrilled to be featured in a book with your art!!

Shana said...

Congratulations on receiving the recognition you truly deserve! Your work is truly gorgeous beyond belief.

Il giardino di rosmarino said...

Non ho parole sufficienti per descrivere la tua bravura.Da quel che si vede,E' un libro meraviglioso;penso proprio che tu sia orgogliosa del tuo lavoro.Complimenti.
P.S ti ho lasciato nel commento precedente il nome del mio b&b.
ciao e ancora tantissimi complimenti;spero di vederlo anche qui in Italia perchè lo vorrei tanto comprare.

LDH said...

Most exciting! Now, so many more will be able to see your beautiful work! I think I am going to request my library to order it!

Kindly, ldh

Beth Twist said...

I was browsing Amazon the other day and this book magically jumped into my cart while I was looking the other way. I'll have to give it a good scolding (and a thorough read-through) when it arrives on my doorstep.


Koldo said...

WOW La Donna! This is such a wonderful surprise! I'm getting my copy right now!

Maija said...

Wonderful and congratulations!!!!

Michelle Palmer said...

So very excited for you! They're beautiful... congratulations! I can't wait to take a peek and see them all~

ArtSnark said...

ooh - congrats! I am so happy for you & the book looks fabulous!

Diane said...

La Donna, congratulations! Your 3D paper cuttings are SO unique and always beautiful!

I see you have a new blog look too!


Ruth Welter said...

congratulations to you La Donna, this is indeed an honor for you and this looks like a beautiful publication.

Ruth your new blog.

Leticia said...

Oh I am so happy for you La Donna! It looks like a lovely book, I will have to get a copy.

Leticia said...

Hi La Donna email me - - I have a message (TEA)

marianne said...

congratulations you wonderful artist you!!! all the best for far reaching success! Gorgeous looking book. Hugs and more hugs! Marianne and Rita!!

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

I am SO proud of you!!! What an accomplishment. Of course it is long overdue, as your work is AMAZING! So very, very happy for you!
Miss your smiles! Hope life is treating you well!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh, too cool! I didn't realize you and Cindy were in the same book. jan

Carole M. said...

Congratulations La Donna, and your partners inside this beautiful new book. It must've been a huge project between you and from what you show us on your blog, this book is a must-have for all of us who love creating with paper.

bwagnitz97 said...

LaDonna, I am thrilled for you. I knew years ago when I first saw your talent and asked that you share it with my sharing techniques group on ZNE. I knew then that you were going to be published. You do amazing art work and I'm still amazed at your wonderful talent. Are you a member of Creative Souls with Izabella Pierce? That's where I am now, drop me a line, I'd love to talk to you.

La Donna Welter said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by! I've been trying to reach you, could you email me!?! : )
La Donna

FEDERICA said...

Thanks for entered my giveaway!
Good luck!

Marie Antionette said...

OMG La Donna!!!
Congrats to you.How special.See what happens when I'm away...Great going on.I'm so excited for you.As soon as i can I must have this book.You know I'm one of your biggest fans.Your work is awesome and your not second best to no one.
I've been under the weather like you and just statred back blogging yesterday eveing.
You take care Dear,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Linda Manning Findley said...

supper ...... now I am off to the book store ..... Linda F

Iheartfashion said...

This looks beautiful. Congrats!

Leticia said...

Love my copy! Beautiful!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

What great news! Your creations are so amazing...we are so happy that you are being recongized for your talents!
Now, we have to go check out this wonderful eye-candy of a book!

Lenae May said...

Hi, La Donna!
Wonderful to have you drop by! I've been a bit distracted of late. All is well. You blog layout is fun! I'm in the process of changes. I'll keep you posted!
Have a wonderful day!!!!