Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pancakes Anyone?

My In-laws just left, after a very nice Thanksgiving. It was so good to hear laughter, and memories being shared. I have to report that Abby (our 6 mo. old Golden Retriever puppy) showed very good manners, only jumping up on the couch and showering "Grandpa" with kisses once! She did try to help Grandpa put his socks on this morning, and thought Grandma's shoes should be placed in a different spot, but she was good (a Mom worries about these things!) : )
I still haven't figured out Ben's magic trick, and I'm sure I won't for a few more days, as my brain seems to be a little tired!
We were still full from dinner last night, but I couldn't let them leave, before making some of my buttermilk pancakes with homemade raspberry jelly!
Today, I need to start thinking about Christmas!