Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Almost Auction Time

I'm so honored to be among the fabulous and generous array of artists who are taking part in "Miracles For Mallory silent auction" , and it's almost time for the auction to begin, so get ready! I've copied and pasted below, some imformation as posted on Shays blog regarding the silent auction that will begin on the 7th of September.

Where will bidding take place?Bidding will be at Miracles for Mallory, our official website. Click on the bid section of our website to see all the handmade items these talented women have so graciously donated.When will bidding start & end?Bidding will start September 7th at 12am and will continue through September 14th midnight.How will bidding work?Bidding will be done by email. Click on the "bid" button to email in a bid on that product.WE WILL TRACK ALL BIDS BY ITEM NUMBER.Please include the item number in your subject line when emailing. This is a silent auction and bidding will remain anonymous, those whom bid will know if they are the highest bidder with a confirmation of bid email from us.How will shipping work?We will calculate shipping upon the end of auction and then send out an invoice. If you would like a shipping quote, I can contact the artist or crafter themselves to quote shipping. We have left that up to the artist themselves, some items might be heavy or require special care, please ask upon bidding if you have a shipping question.


Cookie said...

Cannot wait to see all of the wonderful offerings. It's times like this that I need a rich sugar daddy (since I never play the lottery lol)

So... missy, pray tell - what will you have for us to drool over ?

How bout a lil sneak peek?


Marie Antionette said...

I hope your auction goes really well.I hope to be able to put a bid or two in.XOXO Marie Antionette