Sunday, May 23, 2010

Color!!!!! : )

Before....... After...

Oh, how I love summer!
I have been busy painting, planting, and enjoying my patio!
Hope you enjoy my changes!
Happy Summer! : )


Leticia said...

Wow - it's beautiful LaDonna. I'm also painting a chair, I'll post a picture when I finish. Happy Summer to you too- I'm still waiting for a proper Spring - it's still raining here in California. Hope all is well. Hugs.

Il giardino di rosmarino said...

buon giorno, bella la poltrona in giallo,fa molto primavera

Anonymous said...

Oh-my-gosh!!! That is soooo much of a WOW!! Inviting too!


slommler said...

I agree! Wow!!! Inviting and colorful. Says summer for sure!

Barbara Shores said...

LaDonna ... Primary colors make me want to dance. Yeah, this is such a happy picture. Love it ;o) Barb

Marie Antionette said...

La Donna,
It was so wonderful to hear from you.
Your patio is just striking.I love the colors you chose. Its just gorgeous,but then I would expect no less from you. You have wonderful taste.
Sadly I have not posted any new stuff or visited.Shame on me. My hubbie retired, but I did not...LOL! It seems my job increased.I hope he settles down soon or its him or me...LOL.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Maija said...

Beautiful!! So bright and brilliant!

sweetpea said...

Hi LaDonna! Thanks for popping by and commenting on my blog! Yay, it's my whole objective to make people smile...



Lenae May said...

Hi LaDonna!
I'm loving the nicer weather here in the north! Snow is NOT my thing!
Great color on your chair.