Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Please Visit "The Blackberry Briar"

I have had many blessings in my life, and another one has just been added! I won a wonderful candle from "The Blackberry Briar"! Not only did I win a wonderfully smelling candle, but I meet a new wonderful friend!

Please visit her blog at:

The candle scents are as follows.
The Cranberry Bog ~ Spiced Cranberry Doll House Dreams ~ Dreams of a New baby doll Blackberry Twigs ~Tart blackberries with a bottom note of sage. A Nice ScentThe Apple Clove ~ A very spicy nice scent that smells like fall. One of my Favorites!The Lemon Cobbler- Freshness of Lemons with cake a bakery scent. Very Rich and YummyRosemary Mint ~ A spa scent with notes of Rosemary and Mint Papa's Cedar Chest ~A spa scent that smells like mens cologne and cedar chest Vanilla Spice Pantry ~ Spicy Cinnamon and Vanilla. Cafe Brulee ~ Creme Brulee with a hint of chocolate Very Rich scent A Favorite Top SellerTeacher's Pet ~ A Claire Burke, Apple Jack and Peel Duplicate scent. Smells like apple with a twist of mulled cider and spice. Bittersweet Berry ~ Cranberry and Orange with a hint of cinammon Very Strong. More sweet than spicy.Pomegranate Hill ~ Pomegranate and Anise....A Clean scent with the urge to want to eat or drink it. AWESOME! Don't let the Anise fool you. It is just an under note.Pumpkin Dreams ~ Gingerbread and Pumpkin mixed....Dreamy Sweet Top SellerSpiced Pumpkin ~ Not the traditional...smells exactly like homemade pumpkin pie filling without the crust....Very different 17 Marmalade Lane ~ This one is a very yummy orange chiffon cake with a hint of pecan....A Crowd Favorite. You will want to eat this!Christmas Past ~Memories of my Childhood Christmas. . It smells piney and spicy all at once.